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Cumin vs Curcumin

Jeera Seeds Close Up

Photo 30-Turmeric

Turmeric ( haldi)is a cornerstone of traditional  Ayurvedic health practices.Turmeric is widely used as a spice in South Asian recipes. It contains Curcumin as a main constituent which has anti- inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.Turmeric is yellow and looks like ginger. The powder form is used in cooking.

Cumin  ( jeera)is another spice used in Asian and middle eastern cooking. It can be used as seeds or as a powder.Cumin seeds contain numerous phyto-chemicals that are known to have antioxidant properties , and are an excellent source of dietary fiber.


Vegetable Jalfrezi( Stir-fry)

Spice mixture Indian Garam Masala
Spice mixture Indian Garam Masala

  Vegetable Jalfrezi ( Stir fry)
This is a favorite  curry among all Indian vegetarian recipes because of the wonderful medley of vegetables and spices . This is a tasty, sweet and sour, stir fry dish which is colorful   and appetizing and  a restaurant favorite. I will show you an easy way to make this and its sure to earn you some brownie points!
Make sure you have all the spices you need including garam masala powder. Garam masala is a mixture of spices as shown in the picture. They are roasted and ground to a powder form.It’s a must-have in Indian cooking.

Preparation time- 15 minutes
Cooking time- 15 minutes
Serves 4 Continue reading Vegetable Jalfrezi( Stir-fry)

Mushroom, Polenta and Salsa Lasagna

polentaI made up this simple recipe when I discovered polenta. I had no idea what polenta was and how easy  it is to use and yet so nutritious. Polenta is coarsely ground yellow cornmeal and is a staple of Northern Italy. Its not as popular as pasta for sure but it is becoming very popular because of its high nutritional value. It is a complex carbohydrate and it has a neutral flavor profile that makes it simple to adapt to your personal palate.
I am using precooked polenta for this recipe. Look for precooked polenta logs in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. Polenta granules can also be used .They have to be cooked similar to an oatmeal. Use any salsa of your choice, making it as hot as you want. This is a layered dish and can be quite versatile.

Preparation time- 20 Minutes
Cooking time-30 minutes
Serves 4 Continue reading Mushroom, Polenta and Salsa Lasagna