Oil, Fat and Cholesterol

Today we are bombarded by a variety of ‘low fat’ food products and we easily fall prey to it. In spite of knowing that fat is bad for health we do not try hard to avoid it. Too much fat makes the body produce more cholesterol. This extra cholesterol leads to plaque

English: Olives in olive oil.
Olives in olive oil.

formation and blockage of arteries. This is a slow process which takes place over decades.

In addition to avoiding meat, fish, eggs and dairy (which are all high in cholesterol), we can learn to cook without oil! And it can be done and it can be delicious!
Oil contains 100% fat, be it canola oil, olive oil or any other. We don’t need to consume it as we get adequate fat from whole grains and vegetables.

Supposedly heart-healthy olive oil, one tablespoon of it contains 119 calories and 100% fat. ( http://www.Fatsecret.com)

To know about this diet, check out the following link:


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