Mango Salsa

Photo 41- Mango cutPhoto 40- mango salsaMango Salsa
Summer in India signals the start of the mango season. We would   wait with bated breath to get a mouthful of that sweet luscious Alfonso mango. I remember as a kid, we used to get so excited and how we had to change into an old tee shirt in order to devour that king of all fruits.
When I saw fresh ripe mangoes yesterday when I went shopping, I just had to buy them.
Here’s a delicious sweet and sour recipe I would like to share with you. I’ve added some kick with jalapenos and bell peppers. And it’s full of antioxidants and vitamins.
Preparation time 15 minutes
No cooking time
Serves 4
•    1 large ripe firm mango
•    ½  green or red bell pepper, diced into small pieces
•    1 tablespoon Jalapenos pickled, cut into bits
•    ¼ cup green onions or scallions, diced finely,
•    ½ teaspoon cumin powder
•    1 -2 tablespoons  lemon/lime juice
•    salt to taste
•    little sugar to sprinkle if your mangoes are not sweet enough
•    2 tablespoons cilantro, chopped
•    few mint leaves (optional)
1) Dice the mangoes
2) Mix all the other ingredients in a  bowl with the mango.
3) Toss well and cover it with a plastic wrap. Set in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. This helps the flavor to mingle well.
4) Garnish with torn mint leaves or with just cilantro leaves.

You can add pineapple pieces to the mango for an interesting twist.
The salsa can be served as an appetizer with pita bread or as a side dish.


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